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25% Healthblr
32% Anime
3% Bands
10% SuperWhoLock
30% random/fandom/humor/personal

'm Anne & sorry for being such a strange hybrid blog golly gee whiz


♋ 18 // Filipina // cali-forn-i-a ✯

striving to be Healthy & Happy

sorry if you expected more out of me or this blog i'm trying ok i'm still a massive work in progress and i'm constantly under constuction so bear with me

koalas, turtles, and onions are family

fo realsies guys you fitblrs who dislike my anime posts just BLACKLIST these animes or WHITELIST "fitness" and for you anime peeps who dislike my fitblr posts just BLACKLIST "fitness"

I hope you have a spectacular day or night!

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please ignore this post because my face. i just thought the face i made in the first picture was hilarious i can’t stop laughing and

i feel like the last picture makes me look like i’m in high school musical

except my hair. wtf

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